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Steve Dziadik

stevedziadikA very personal “Hello” to you! Thanks for stopping by the site. It is our goal to help people continually achieve and maintain a safe driving record. The benefits are often hard to recognize in that the positive results will be accidents not happening to you!! It is my sincere hope that your life is positively affected by your exposure to this driving school and that you always have a happy and SAFE driving experience. I know from personal experience what it feels like to experience it the other way around!


Steve Dziadik (pronounced Jadick) has been driving since a very young age when families needed help regardless of age. His early life was dotted with a couple of life threatening accidents that he and his family were fortunate enough to live through. It is his goal to share these experiences.

Steve has delivered his free seminars to churches, High School Hope Classes, High School Driver’s Ed classes and many local Military Academy students numbering over 6000 to date. He has been received warmly and has very positive written feedback forms to show his acceptance by the students, parents and teachers.

The material he shares can also have a very direct bearing on any listener’s attentiveness and awareness as they operate their vehicle in circumstances that are similar to those he has experienced. One important message given is the number of distractions drivers face these days especially in Florida. Steve is a big fan of Stop Texting while Driving. He also has available a teenage drivers contract which has shown a great deal of effectiveness.

Steve is available for Free Driver Education Seminars and one on one meetings with both teenage drivers and their parents. Please contact him now for details as these meetings are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Sue Sinquefield

rI have recently retired from the Manatee County Tax Collector’s office. One of my duties during my tenure was that of a Road Skills Examiner. I look forward to helping my students realize their potential – that of a safe, defensive driver for years to come.

With my background as a Road Skills Examiner I will be able to help my students prepare for their Road Skills Exam. Walking them through the entire process from the necessary paperwork needed when walking through the front door to the actual road examination itself.

Rick Cusolito

stevedziadikIn my 40 years of driving, I have learned that I can never take for granted my forty years of driving. From working with our Seniors and Elders in Assisted Living, Now a Dad with teenage boys and their peers, has motivated me into “mission” mode of saving lives thru the “necessary skills” of SAFE DRIVING and to spread the word that….. “DRIVING IS NOT A SOCIAL EVENT”!


Rick Cusolito, originally from Boston, MA. began his career as a professional Gymnast Cheerleader for the NFL New England Patriots. After two seasons Rick moved to Venice Florida in 1983 and attended the world famous Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Clown College. Received his degree along with a contract to travel with “The Greatest Show on Earth” Performing a double somersault over 4 elephants on tour. Rick then took his acrobatic and athletic abilities over to the NBA as a professional Mascot. Today he is well known in Sarasota and Manatee Counties as entertainer “Rick the Trickster”. Rick is still entertaining audiences, young and old with his “clowning act and singing.

Because of his diversified “stuntman” career, Rick became an expert in the business of “SAFETY”. Rick has worked for Health South Rehab where he began to Transport wheel cheer and stretcher patients back and fourth from Hospitals, Assisted Living Communities to Doctor’s Appointments and patient homes. He then became a Program Coordinator for Assisted Living communities. Part of Rick’s role was the responsibility for the lives of driving up to 15 passengers at a time on a daily basis to Doctor’s appointments, shopping and “outside Activities. SAFE DRIVING has been in Rick’s best interest over the years. So much so, that he has made it a career to carefully Instruct, guide and now ( Entertain this Notion ) to “Children all ages”………


Kenneth Diffenderfer


The “Number-One Cause of Death” of adolescents aged 16 to 24 is driving. For every automobile related fatality, there are 1,000 injuries that might range from minor bruises to living as a quadriplegic or living in a persistent vegetative state. That is why I teach teenagers to drive defensively”, says Ken. “The “Number-One cause of Death” of children 6 months to 16 is drowning, which is why I teach children to swim. Likewise, I teach CPR because Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the “Number-One cause of Death” of adults. I have been a smoking cessation facilitator since the 1980s because smoking causes both heart disease and lung cancer.”

Ken has lived and worked in the United States, Asia, Africa Europe and the Caribbean where he has worked in economic development, disaster/refugee relief and lifesaving first response. He is a committed experiential educator with ties to Kurt Hahn (who founded Outward Bound) that began in the mid-1960s. As a US Coast Guard Captain, he has sailed thousands of miles off shore and knows that accidents are best avoided through careful planning, vigilance and constant risk assessment.

Ken estimates that he has driven over a million miles with no moving violations or collisions, but he knows that the past has absolutely no bearing on what can happen the next time he gets on a highway. He says “Driving is the most dangerous thing that we do every day. It is three times more dangerous for a teen than for an adult. I don’t want any of my students to forget that. I want them to remember that every time they get in a car their future is at risk. There is no such thing as “going back” from a fatal or injurious event. They have to be actively avoided.