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About Us

Steve Dziadik


A very personal “Hello” to you! Thanks for stopping by the site. It is our goal to help people continually achieve and maintain a safe driving record. The benefits are often hard to recognize in that the positive results will be accidents not happening to you!! It is my sincere hope that your life is positively affected by your exposure to this driving school and that you always have a happy and SAFE driving experience. I know from personal experience what it feels like to experience it the other way around!


Steve Dziadik (pronounced Jadick) has been driving since a very young age when families needed help regardless of age. His early life was dotted with a couple of life threatening accidents that he and his family were fortunate enough to live through. It is his goal to share these experiences.

Steve has delivered his free seminars to churches, High School Hope Classes, High School Driver’s Ed classes and many local Military Academy students numbering over 6000 to date. He has been received warmly and has very positive written feedback forms to show his acceptance by the students, parents and teachers.

The material he shares can also have a very direct bearing on any listener’s attentiveness and awareness as they operate their vehicle in circumstances that are similar to those he has experienced. One important message given is the number of distractions drivers face these days especially in Florida. Steve is a big fan of Stop Texting while Driving. He also has available a teenage drivers contract which has shown a great deal of effectiveness.

Steve is available for Free Driver Education Seminars and one on one meetings with both teenage drivers and their parents. Please contact him now for details as these meetings are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Melanie Plummer

Over 7 years working as a certified driving instructor and certified state Examiner, I approach every student with patience and kindness. Focusing on safety above anything else. I enjoy working with students of all ages, including students with disabilities. We work together as a team to teach in a way that is best for each individual student and their needs. Our mission is to make our roads safer, one student at a time!


Jose Terriquez

82nd Airborne Combat Veteran now driving instructor! This world is full of drivers who are unsafe and don’t know it, you will not be one of them. You will be a confident and safe driver with just a few lessons. Safe and calm atmosphere to help you learn and understand the most important rules of the road! In my year of experience, I have helped new drivers, drivers who have a license and need better understanding of rules and drivers with disabilities. So don’t be nervous or afraid because I can help you! Together we will respect the road, not fear it.


Katie Calderon

Hi I’m Katie! I’m an instructor for the Driving School of Florida. I am easy going and I love soccer. I would enjoy helping you learn defensive driving techniques so you can be confident driving anywhere. I hope that we can work together soon.


Jim Cohen

Hello everyone, I am Jim Cohen, here at Driving School of Florida and I am a professional driving instructor. My role as an Instructor is to make sure you are the best driver, the best defensive driver, and above all to help save lives. I am a Certified Driving Instructor with over 10 years driving experience in teaching people how to drive. I am a Military veteran, who has received many achievements and certifications as well as extensive training in motor vehicle defensive driving school and using US Army driving motor vehicle skills.

I really enjoy teaching students how to drive safely. I have remarkable compassion and am extremely patient, giving clear and easy instructions with extensive knowledge of all current motor vehicle laws and regulations. Remember, it is not only a fun driving lesson it is a driving experience. See you behind the wheel! Take care and drive safely!


Robert Miller

My name is Robert Miller and I am a retired Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputy. I am skilled in DIP protective driving from the Federal Marshals, pursuit driving, defensive driving, and tactical driving. I have years of driving instructor experience including instructor training. I have lived in Manatee County all my life. I am passionate about teaching the right way to drive so our roads are safer for everyone.