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Our Book: How’s My Driving

How do YOU see your driving safety?


The primarily goal of this book is to encourage an increase in the level of defensive driving awareness for the reader. The author utilizes some of his family’s unfortunate driving experiences, wherever possible, for added emphasis. The benefit to the reader is an opportunity to feel the pain his family felt and learn from it.

His chapter on “Automobile Insurance 101” will break coverages down in a way that is palatable, as well as useful. Finding out AFTER a crash what protection should have been in place is tragic.

“Driving safely is no accident”. Understanding and practicing that phrase will result in a safer and happier commuting life for everyone!

There are many important points made in the book:

  • Stop texting while driving
  • Preventing teen driving deaths
  • As a parent, are you scared of your teenager driving with other teenagers?
  • Safe driving tips for teens and other new drivers
  • Teenage Driver Contract
  • Preparing teenagers for driving
  • How to understand auto insurance, what the insurance companies sometimes don’t want you to know
  • How to avoid traffic crashes