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Our Book: How’s My Driving

book-coverDriving fatalities are the NUMBER ONE cause for young driver deaths in the United States today! There is no other cause that is even remotely a close second. This drivers education book is a MUST read for any parent that has a new, teenage driver or will soon have new drivers in their household. Once the parent has read the book, they will see that their young driver, when they read it, will be exposed to things that will positively benefit them without the pain of personal, life altering, injury. Stop Texting and Driving, drive carefully, please take the time to read my driver education book, How’s My Driving?

The unfortunate reason for the staggering death statistic each year is that most young drivers today are bombarded with multiple distractions to all of their senses. One common thread that they don’t realize is their own early natural caution when they first start to drive alone produces successes with driving a car. Once they have driven safely for a week or so by themselves, they become convinced that they can do anything while they drive. As additional activities are added, seemingly with no adverse effects, to their driving environment, their perceived capabilities grow exponentially. Add to that their natural tendency to believe that anything bad will only happen to someone or anyone else, and a recipe for a family disaster exists.

While statistics abound supporting driving as an especially dangerous task for young drivers, there are no statistics that can be given to show these drivers the accidents that they avoid by being properly prepared and cautious. The statistics also don’t point out how a “near miss” changes a young driver’s confidence or caution toward the task of driving. Unfortunately, the only statistic we have today to show them is the death count, and it continues to be a horribly large number. What’s even worse is the life that is changed irreversibly into one that is completed with a cane, wheelchair, full time care or even worse.

Since “How’s my driving?” is NOT a question that most people ask themselves when they get behind the wheel of a car to go somewhere, being exposed to that question BEFORE something bad happens will only be beneficial. Reading about the undesirable personal experiences of someone that has lived through them will “plant” a subliminal message in these young minds that will pay untold dividends for the rest of their lives. It is imperative to understand that once an accident occurs, all involved MUST live with the outcome, no matter how unfavorable that is. Louis Pasteur stated that “chance favors the prepared mind” and this book will prepare young, as well as older minds, for a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

The book also provides “Insurance 101” as a primer helpful to parent and teen alike. It is an easily digestible explanation that will make all readers much more informed consumers. It will remove the stigma that insurance is a necessary evil and replace it with an opportunity to ensure that the protection that insurance affords is applied to their household with both the correct and appropriate measure. Once the value of insurance is internalized, its cost will automatically seem to be less frivolous and much more worthy of its place in the household budget.

Finally, the value of reading How’s My Driving will cause any driver to reflect upon their own driving actions by realizing that it is the one activity that they are in direct control of. If we take the time to assess ourselves, and make improvements individually, the entire driving population will benefit positively as a result. We will be able to consciously know, and benefit positively from the fact that safety is no accident!

There are many important points made in the book:

  • Stop texting while driving
  • Preventing teen driving deaths
  • Preventing texting while driving
  • As a parent, are you scared of your teenager driving with other teenagers?
  • Safe driving tips for teens and other new drivers
  • Teenage Driver Contract
  • Preparing teenagers for driving
  • Protecting teenage drivers
  • Helping teenagers driving
  • Stop Texting Now
  • How to understand auto insurance, what the insurance companies sometimes don’t want you to know
  • How to avoid traffic accidents