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Driving School of Florida has always maintained the highest standards in training, customer service and satisfaction. We believe in giving our students the best. While you can always take our word for it, you don’t have to. Read what some of our students are saying about us online! 

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I first met Steve two years ago when I asked him to teach my daughter how to drive, and to pass her Road Test. He taught her with such patience and wisdom that I did not need to think twice before I asked him to teach my son how to drive as well. Both passed their DMV Road Tests with flying colors, the first time around, while other kids in the DMV waiting room were on their second and third tries. I would highly recommend all parents to contact Steve when their child needs to learn one of the most important lessons of his or her life… for their sake and ours, which is “How to drive safely…”

Christine Levy


After an accident years ago, my anxiety grew to the point where I gave up my license just to avoid driving altogether. I didn’t think I had the capacity to react appropriately, and the road seemed a daunting obstacle that I would have to conquer daily. However, not one to give up, I’m very glad that I gave this a try! My instructor, Larry Wagner, was very patient and helpful with any questions I had, and taught me how to drive safely as well as defensively using the school’s SIPDA method. The driving test was one of my biggest fears too, but after plenty of practice on the basic maneuvers and given clues on what was to be expected, I breezed passed it without a hitch! Thanks to the Driving School of Florida, I gained new found confidence as well as my independence–two things no one should live without!

J.R. Flynn


Before I started driving with Steve, I was afraid just to get behind the wheel because I didnt trust myself. After short sessions with him I have learned so much in such a sort time, and I passed my class with flying colors!! Thank you so much steve!!



Before taking the wheel, I never would have imagined that learning to drive could have been as rational, calm, and beneficial process as it has been with my instructor, Steve. My first lessons with him were about one year ago, and it was clear from the start that he was (and remains to be) one of the men most dedicated and capable at their profession whom I have ever met. With Steve, you will get a judgment-free, relaxed, hands-on experience that will indubitably make you the best driver that you can be; not only will you be more than prepared for your driving test, but you will be equipped with skills and ways of thinking that will stick with you for good. I recommend the Driving School of Florida to anyone and everyone who wants to learn, practice, or refine their driving skills; you will love it.

Foster Swartz


Amazing driving experience with Steve. Steve is the best driving teacher I have ever had, he is patient, kind, helpful, charming. He always approach as someone who truely tries to help, and he really cares about student, instead of just a driving instructor, I think of him more like a friend and mentor, he will pass you those experience in his pass and help you and make you understand the consequence of unsafe driving, Steve is amazing, I had a great experience with him and I wish there are more instructors out there are like him. Go Steve!Nira

Nira Liu


Steve is a wonderful teacher with a huge wealth of knowledge. He is easy and fun to learn from, and will change the way you see driving. I highly recommend him for anyone of any age.

Nachman Elharar


My daughter, Bobbi, just completed a course with Steve. I can’t say enough positive about the experience!!! I would highly recommend this course for any new drivers. I have a new level of confidence with my daughters driving skills now. I give Steve 5 stars for sure.

Christina Hacker


Steve Dziadik is an excellent driving instructor. He taught our daughter since I was not the best driving instructor. My foot almost went through the floor board on the passenger’s side during our driving lessons. With Mr. Dziadik’s professional instruction, she is a confident, aware and safe driver. As an Educational Consultant, I recommend his instruction when I counsel high school students during our meetings. Thank you!!!

Lorraine Smith


I am very thankful to Steve, he is a amazing instructor and very patient & caring. I wouldn’t have been able to learn the things I’ve learned or pass my driving test as flawless as I did if it wasn’t for Steve. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him, I’m grateful to him. Thank you Steve for all of your help!!

Lexie Hepler


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